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Eleven time National Champion (Hepthathlon, Penthalon, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Steeplechase) and 2 Time World Champion. An accomplished USA Track & Field Masters athlete, Level 11 USA Track & field Coach, and the nation’s most experienced race timer, scoring over 3,000 runs, triathlons, and cycling events. Caren Ware has finished 5 half ironmans and over 20 marathons.  She just completed running a marathon on every continent, going as remote as she could get and running with indigenous populations.  She adventures, climbs, treks, cycles, and runs her way around the world and into your heart…because it is ABOUT THE PEOPLE and the  FIT things we can find to do together that ENHANCE lives.

Caren Ware is a key note speaker and in the process of writing  a book about the pursuit of FINDING FIT, the Hispanics kids she helped raise from the HOOD among her two own, and a  mix  of the hard realities of life made by just being active.

Caren Ware continues to be a trend setter in track & field, campaigning for quality, age graded events so sporting experiences and competitions  can be continue AT ANY AGE!

Caren Ware has launched CAREN WARE EVENTS, events that have something for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY.  The running events are designed  for the athlete clear through to the couch potato or first timer.  They offer professional chip timing and age division awards for those that want to improve their times and are “in it to win it” types.  And her events offer inspiration group warm ups, fun filled themes, great courses, custom finisher medals for EVERYONE, and the chance to meet new people and enjoy those you brought. It’s all about the party of life, finding that FIT is fun, and the camaraderie.

Caren “FINDs FIT” everywhere she goes.  She shares stories of random, amazing tidbits about people and the vast array of things we can do.  We are all a part of her “JUST MOVE”  MOVEMENT . BE A PART of the waves start across our nation and world as she inspires people to  JUST MOVE.  She KNOWS that fit activities bring not only physical health, but emotional well being.  It change qualities of life and inspire lives worth living. And in these experiences is the opportunity to SHARE and GIVE BACK.

Her event proceeds go toward helping  indigenous peoples, mainly people that are nations within a nation that have to have someone’s help.  Caren Ware Events is  also building proceeds to benefit JUST MOVE campaigns, which will encourage the USA to become a healthier place by picking activities that  JUST MOVE them.

“It’s exciting to see Caren’s example, energy, motivation, direction, and vision in action.   She makes things happen, gets things done, while making a true adventure out of it.”

Ware in the World Adventures is a chance to GIVE BACK while GETTING the Experience of a life time. We all have that bucket list of places we want to go, to do, and see.  So why not take something with you that REALLY meets the needs of where you are going.  Get to KNOW a person from that area, personally.  Make your experience more that just being there.  Make it about MAKING A DIFFERENCE. This is being Care Ware themed.