Don’t forget to get Safety Pins for your event. You can also get them from us at $9.00 per box. Each box has 1400 safety pins good for up to 350 participants. Please inquire about fees for additional services.

Online Registration

Every event needs an online registration so runners can sign up online. We highly recommend you sign up using our partner’s online registration platform.

The best reason is that it is highly customizable, and it comes with all the features you will need to attract runners to register for your event with features such as an integrated promotion tool, and the option to start a fundraising page which just a click of a button. Need to keep track of team name or team leader information, we got it covered. It is designed to be used for running events.

To get started, click here to begin your registration. Know that we can also help you navigate the platform once your event is created. If you already have an online registration, then you will need to give us access as timers or email us an excel file of your participants.

Click Here to begin.

Custom Bib Order

 Now that you have created your online registration. You can will need to order Custom bibs or get generic bibs at a lower cost. Let us know you are planning to order custom bibs as we will need to order this in advance to avoid the rush shipping fee.

Course Marking

 We now provide course marking. Includes a leading bike for the course and signage to keep runners on course. ( Does not include permit or street closure fee). If you need help designing the course please contact us and we will have our course marking specialist go over the details with you.

Digital Marketing

 Let runners know that your event is happening. Contact us today to secure a date on our calendar to sent out an eBlast to our 27,000 participants list. $300 per blast. 
 What do we need from you? Your event’s logo or any promotional flyer in JPEG or PNG file. A subject line, a date you would like the eBlast to go out, and your approval before we blast it out. Note that some days will not be available if you don’t secure them early.